ART 308: Intermediate Photo

Art 308 Syllabus – Sp2017


This course fosters further development of photographic skills and concepts, including an introduction to the medium and large format camera, toning, experimental darkroom techniques and professional image presentation. Emphasis on design and expression is significant.


Art 208, Art 218


There are no required texts for this class. There may be reading assignments that will be made available either online or in the library.


The Photographer’s Eye, John Szarkowski

ISBN: 978-0-87070-527-4

The Photographer’s Eye, John Szarkowski DOWNLOAD


  1. Assist the student in a more expansive use of the 35mm SLR camera
  2. Introduce student to 120mm and large format film photography
  3. Introduce darkroom techniques such as split filter printing, selecting bleaching, toning, and hand-coloring
  4. Encourage student to explore areas of creativity
  5. Encourage additional research in photography through periodicals, books, essays, etc.
  6. Make informed aesthetic decisions
  7. Advance towards developing personal vision


  1. Review photographic fundamentals
  2. Introduce student to advanced darkroom printing techniques and materials
  3. Introduce student to both medium format cameras and large format cameras
  4. Introduce student to experimental darkroom and camera techniques
  5. Introduce student to post darkroom techniques such as selective bleaching, selenium and sepia toning, and hand coloring
  6. Explore advanced levels of subject matter and lighting


Your final grade for this course will be graded on a 10 point scale:

100-90     = A

89-80       = B

79-70       = C

69-60       = D

59-0         = F

Breakdown of Graded Assignments:

5 Projects (12 points each) = 60 points

Final Project = 15 points

Portfolio = 5 points

Professionalism: 5 points

Reading/In-Class Assignments: 10 points

Final Exam: 5 points

Projects: There will be 5 projects that result in the majority of your final grade. Critiques are a part of the grading process for projects. Participation is required during critiques. If a student misses critique they will lose the opportunity to have class feedback and will only receive feedback from the teacher from the grade sheet.

Reading/In-Class Assignments: During class demonstrations will be made to introduce new techniques. Students will be asked to complete an in-class assignment after the demonstration to show their understanding of the technique. Reading assignments may be assigned periodically throughout the semester.

Final Project: The final project is weighted heavier than regular projects and will be based on a more extensive concept. The images for this project will be either mounted or window matted.

Portfolio: The portfolio will consist of answers to questions concerning the semester’s work. The portfolio will also include digital scans of all work turned in throughout the semester. Please do not misplace or trash work during the semester. It is suggested that each student scan their work after receiving a grade for each project.

Professionalism: Each student will be graded on the following to determine their performance as a professional: attitude towards classmates, attitude towards professor, attitude towards work, work ethic, timeliness, attendance, presentation of themselves and their work, organization as well as darkroom cleanliness.

Final Exam: The written test will be towards the end of the semester and will include a review of photography fundamentals as well as terms introduced this semester.

Final grades are only rounded up to the next letter grade if they are within a .5 point or closer.


(From FMU Student Catalog, p. 62). It is the responsibility of the student to attend all scheduled meetings in the course in which he/she is enrolled. If a student is absent more than twice the number of required class or laboratory sessions per week during regular semesters or more than 15% of required sessions during accelerated semesters, a grade of “F” or “W” will normally be assigned, unless absences have been excused for cause by the instructor.

Attendance Policy for Art 308:

Students may miss up to 4 classes. If the student missed a 5th class, he/she will be dropped from the course. As stated in the FMU Catalog, Prior to the completion of 33 percent of a course, a faculty member may withdraw a student from a course for violation of the stated attendance policy and the grade recorded will be “W.” After the completion of 33 percent of a course, a faculty member may still withdraw a student from a course for a violation of the stated attendance policy but the grade recorded will be “F” or “W” based on the academic average at the time of withdrawal. If a student misses class the day before a scheduled break 2 absences will be given. If you come to class without being prepared you may be considered absent. An excused absence will require a doctor’s note or other approved documentation for absence.

Please be on time, as a courtesy to the class. Three tardies will equal on absence.


If absent from class, it is the responsibility of the student to email the Professor (via email or office visit) or contact a classmate to inquire about missed assignments. If an assignment is given and due the next class period, the student will still be responsible for completing the assignment even if absent from class.

Late Work: Projects and Assignments that are late will be dropped one letter grade. Projects will also be deducted an additional 2 points for every day they are late after the due date. Late work must be turned in within 2 weeks of the due date. After 2 weeks the grade will be a “0.”

Other Assignments: Failure to complete reading prior to class discussions on assigned readings will result in a 0. No late work or make up work will be allowed for missed reading assignments.


There will be time to work on your assignments in class. However, please anticipate that you will have to do work outside of class in order to complete your projects and assignments for this course. If you are not prepared to work in class on assigned work days, you may be counted absent.

If you are not pleased with your grade on a project, you may resubmit the assignment within 2 weeks of the due date. Your grade for a resubmitted project will only result in a grade that is at maximum one late grade higher than the original grade.

Student excursions to art museums, galleries or studios may be scheduled. Participation is expected. Students must provide a legitimate reason if participation is not possible.


Students must provide their own darkroom paper, film and mat board. Students must also be aware that there may be a limited number of cameras available for student use. For a detailed list of acceptable materials please refer to the supplies handout or visit the course supply list on B&H Photo.

To locate the class list on B&H go to: Go to “Find a School’s Supply List”. Find and select “Francis Marion University.” Click on Intermediate Photography. You are responsible for ordering and purchasing your own materials that are not provided by the University.

Please do not leave paper, film, or any other supplies out in the darkroom or the classroom. If your supplies get stolen it is your responsibility.

Cleaning up after yourself in the darkroom is required. Failure to clean up after yourself will result in lower project grades.


The art department has a limited number of cameras, tripods, books, and other related photography equipment for student use. There are also a large number of books in the library.

A blog has been set up so that you can access your course information. In addition, you may find call for entries, education resources and links to suppliers that carry the materials needed for this course. The blog address is:


Cell phones are prohibited during class, unless announced otherwise by the instructor. Please be sure that your phone is on silent and put away when you enter the classroom. MP3 players may be used during work days, but never during demos, lectures, critiques, or discussions. You may not check Facebook or any social media during class.



Art 308 – Pinhole Photography

Art 308_Printing Consistency

Art 308 Diptych

Art 308 Medium Format

Art 308 Large Format

Art308_Final Project

Art308 Final Portfolio


Supply List

Tentative Calendar

Fiber Based Paper



Hand-coloring photographs by Judith Monroe


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