Modern Tintypes by FMU Photography Students

There are 2 approaches to making a tintype. One is considered the classic or authentic method, while the other is called the modern tintype or gelatin dry plates. The authentic method grew in popularity during the American Civil War because they were cheaper and more lightweight than photographic methods that preceded the tintype. American soldiers … More Modern Tintypes by FMU Photography Students

Photo Vision :: Workshops in Your Home

Photo Vision is a series of DVDs that come to your home throughout the year that cover a wide variety of topics in photography. Topics include the business of photography, marketing ideas, lighting, shooting tips, and more! You can get a huge discount on the videos by using this link: You will also need … More Photo Vision :: Workshops in Your Home

How Did He Do That?

Jerry Uelsmann has been a source of inspiration for so many photographers including myself. I am most fascinated with how he creates such seamless combination prints in the darkroom. Many probably look at his work and just assume that he “Photoshopped” it. Even “Photoshopping” it would present a challenge, but doing it the darkroom? For … More How Did He Do That?

Online Artist Feature Opportunity :: Photo Technique

Photo Technique is an magazine dedicated to inspiring photographers for the past 30 years. They have an online magazine that features established and aspiring photographers. My former student, Carol Holmes, is currently featured in the “Underexposed: Emerging Photographers Portfolios.” If you are interested in getting your work featured in this online magazine, just follow this … More Online Artist Feature Opportunity :: Photo Technique

The Digital Collage

The digital collage seems to be a popular project in Intro to Digital courses as well as Computer-Aided design courses. There seems to be 2 general categories of the digital collage in respect to aesthetics and technique. The first being the seamless collage that lends itself to creating alternate realities. These realities are created from … More The Digital Collage