Visiting Artist :: Charity Valentine

The Photo Department at Francis Marion University was pleased and fortunate to have Charity Valentine as a guest lecturer on March 6th, 2012. Charity first visited with my Introduction to Digital Photography class to discuss her work as well as give a very informative demonstration on Scanography. In the afternoon she visited with my Intermediate and Advanced Photography students to share her work and to discuss large format photography. Charity Valentine is the Head of the Fine Arts Department at Pitt Community College. I have known her since graduate school and have always been a huge fan of her work. The first series of images posted here are from her “Kismet” body of work which includes Scanograms of flora and fauna that are used to tell stories of her childhood experiences. The second series of images are from her Thesis body of work titled “…Long Way Home” which include imagery that use personal symbolism to explore the effects of four-dozen separate moves had had on her life. The last sentence was quoted directly from her artist statement. The second series shown here (black and white) were created with a 4×5 view camera. If you would like to see more work check out her Picasa Web Album by following this link…and leave her a comment!


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